Meet Our Experts

Hey, I'm Catherine. I'm Head Coach and I'm the main voice you'll hear in the training videos... so you're going to want to know I have some credibility in careers and leadership, right?

So here's a little of my story.

I started working closely with businesses looking for the best talent in 1999. I've helped businesses in regional areas, capital cities, from agriculture to financial services and a whole lot of others, including some of the world's most enviable brands.

What did I do for those businesses? I've helped them to find, develop and to keep the best people available. I've trained their managers on how to do the same.

For you though, that's just background. You really want to know how I help individuals to get stronger and be perceived as the best.

Since 2005 I've been an Exec Coach & Career Coach, helping clients to stand out, be better positioned for their next promotion or negotiate a better deal in the job they're in now. And no, "I've worked really hard" is not enough justification for a pay increase!

When you work with me I'm going to ask you to jump through some hoops and you won't always like them... but they'll make the difference to how you're perceived at work. And noope, you don't need to sell yourself out or become something you're not- that doesn't work long term.

I won't tell you the exact number of clients I've worked with since I started coaching people in careers and development, because you may not believe me! But it's certainly well over 5000, between one on one sessions, group workshops and large-scale conferences.

Why is that number important? Because in 2007 I kicked off CN Consulting - my first career management business. I'd developed a system that was getting fantastic, FAST results for different people in different roles, different industries, different ages, different levels of business. No matter the unique individual circumstances, the system worked. My clients were getting results - better relationships with their boss, with their team members, clearer about what they wanted, happier at work and most importantly, they're getting the pay / opportunities / flexibility that they wanted. Not always within 6 weeks, but 85%+ of the time they made big leaps forward within 3-4 weeks.

But there was an issue with the system... There's only one of me and I have a life outside of work too!

There were more people who wanted help than I could work with in any day. We HAD to go online. So we created Job Snob. It means you can tap into all the resources and knowledge of this proven system, at a time that suits you, with a support network bigger than little old me and experts more varied than just me.

Here's the crew I draw on for brilliance. You'll see them via webinar or possibly in the Members Group... and many of them are available for one on one coaching too.

How lucky are we? When we're inspired by brilliance, we track those brilliant ones down and get them to share their wisdom with you.
Meet our experts:

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Catherine Nolan, Head Coach, Job Snob