Job Snob

You're great at your job and you put ALOT into it... but its not quite paying off the way it should.

Maybe you're just not in love with your job? Maybe you want stacks more cash. Maybe you want the Big Chair, yesterday! Or maybe you're after more meaning.

The great news is you don't need drastic changes to get a big difference in outcome. You invest lots of time and heart into your work. You want it to pay off! Small things done differently will get you there.

Job Snob is your Coach, Trainer and Cheer Squad all in one. Gotta make sure your efforts are paying off for you and not just for the boss.

Every month we tackle a different focus area with subject matter experts. Stretch your thinking, shake up your perspective, get you to try something new.

Sometimes you'll even find that what you're doing right now is totally on track, so we'll look at how you can best leverage those strengths for maximum impact.

Whare we like, as far as coaches go? We ain't mean, but we're tough. We shoot straight and tell you what you need to know right now, to get ahead. You're not going to get the politically correct answers or the way things SHOULD BE. You're going to get the advice you need to break through.

Our Head Coach, Catherine has personally coached over 5000 individuals. She has worked with some of the world's most recognised brands. You're not getting old-school or politically correct advice here. You're getting what works, now, in today's market. We're not interested in helping you land a new job. We're about getting the perfect job for you now and into the future. It doesn't have to mean a new job... just a new approach.

These are some of the topics scheduled: Good Decision Making, Mentors, Mindfulness, Delegating, Innovation, Resilience, Performance Management, Wellness, Diversity...

Job Snobs have access to a tool kit of resources. It's the tools you don't need ...until you need them yesterday!

Those career-building tasks we love to hate the most- you'll find no-nonsense workbooks and On-Demand Webinars on defining What's Most Important to You, Closing Skills Gaps, Clear Communication, Resume, The Interview Room and Negotiation. These are the resources you don't want to wait for. You may not need them for 6 months, or you may need them immediately. With these tools and templates you can DIY, then ask the group for feedback if you'd like it.

The Job Snob Facebook Group is Members Only. It's where you'll find answers, support, virtual high fives. Every situation is unique... but great it is to get first-hand advice from others who've faced similar situations?!

Most people don't map out their next move in the middle of the workday. When it comes to our careers at least, most of us are Pyjama Planners. Old-school career coaches only operate 9-5, but your Community is here most of the day... just like you.

The other brilliant benefit of your Cheer Squad? The inspiration! Hear success stories from others and let it spur you on to taking the leap you've been putting off. Even if that leap is just negotiating a pay increase or getting your LinkedIn profile fully optimised.

How lucky are we? When we're inspired by brilliance, we track those brilliant ones down and get them to share their wisdom with you. These are people who we've seen getting results for people's career journeys, from entry level to senior leadership.

Meet our experts:

Between the Career Management Resources and the ongoing Coaching & the Community... the financial benefits you will see through this program are just the start... this program should be selling for over $5000 per person. In the past, equivalent programs have sold for that much. But we're dead-set determined to help you achieve stunning results and if we're going to do that we can't let price be a barrier to entry.

Of course, the online delivery gives you supreme flexibility but it also enables us to offer our industry-leading expertise at a miniscule price.

Yep, got it, but what IS the price?

But right now, we're getting ready to launch. The last videos are getting one final edit before release in June. If you join the Waitlist we'll send you a Launch Offer so ridiculous we're only offering it to subscribers. Want a hint? It's well over half off the normal price of entry.

Click on the green button below and email Head Coach Catherine to join the waitlist.